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Number of nodes
Combined Bandwidth (Mb/s)
🏆 Top 10 Nodes 🏆
  1. 🥇 a9 (524Mb/s)
  2. 🥈 HRMB (262Mb/s)
  3. 🥉 lodrich (236Mb/s)
  4. lodrich2 (232Mb/s)
  5. LoedgreemOCI (216Mb/s)
  6. ei8fdb (211Mb/s)
  7. atomcats (205Mb/s)
  8. Piratenpartei13 (199Mb/s)
  9. Piratenpartei02 (191Mb/s)
  10. porte (188Mb/s)


This site is about running your own Tor node to participate in the Tor network. If you just want to privately surf the web through Tor, check out the Torproject's official Tor Browser or the Brave Browser which offers Private Browsing windows powered by Tor.


You can run your Tor relay on every supported linux machine that you have SSH access to, be it in your home, a virtual server, or a dedicated server.
But not every hoster or ISP allows Tor relays in their network.

Name Server Location Middle Node (Relay) Exit Node Bitcoin Link
Linevast Germany yes no yes View Page
Flokinet Romania, Iceland, Finland yes yes yes View Page
Yourserver Sweden, Latvia yes no yes View Page
PulseServers Canada, United Kingdom yes yes yes View Page
LiteServer Netherlands yes yes yes View Page
DigitalOcean United States, Netherlands,
Singapore, United Kingdom,
Germany, Canada, India
yes no no View Page

The links in the table above are affiliate links. If you want to support this page you can purchase a product through one of these links and I will get a small percentage of your sale value. 100% of the money will be used for maintenance of this site and my own Tor relays.
Please read the Terms of Service of the providers before signing up. Even if they allowed it in the past I do not take any responsibility if they close your account for deploying Tor.
You can find a comprehensive list of Tor-friendly companies on the official Tor wiki.


In order to run correctly the install script requires that the sudo command is installed on your server.
To check if it is already installed simply run sudo in your terminal. If you get a response like -bash: sudo: command not found follow these steps on how to install it: Sudo installation tutorial


To download the script to your server you also need curl.
To install it run the following command: sudo apt install curl.

Support Tor

If you don't want to run your own server because but still want to help Tor here are some things you can do:

1. Donate to the Tor Project
This will directly benefit the people working for the Tor project and fund development and outreach.

2. Donate to
They maintain many high-speed Tor nodes, your money will be used to increase Tor capacity.

3. Share this page with your friends. Maybe one of them wants to run their own server.

4. If you want to help keep this site running, you can also Donate to me directly or try the Brave Browser with built-in Adblocker and Tor via my link.



The tor relay configurator is currently deactivated because it is outdated and does not work correctly with the newest Tor versions. Unfortunately I am too busy at the moment to fix it. I will reactivate the configurator once I got around to resolving the problems.

Please excuse the inconvenience :(

Running an Exit Node is the best way to help the Tor network but you have to be aware of the risks.
More Info: Tor Exit Guidelines, Tips for Running an Exit Node with Minimal Harassment

The script will download a notice about exit nodes (tor-exit-note.html) to /etc/tor/tor-exit-notice.html that will be published on your selected DirPort (Default: 80).
This is the US version of the file. Please update the sections accordingly to match the legislation of your country.
Please also replace FIXME_YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS with your mail address!

By clicking submit you agree that I take no responsibility for any damages that might occur when running the setup script.

* required values

1 To find your OS version run

lsb_release -a
if this does not work try
cat /etc/issue

2 If this is checked your relay uptime and bandwidth will be counted in the global statistics panel on the top right. This is anonymous. No information will be saved.